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Looking for 06+ Civic SI testers

Initially during testing the 06+ Civic SI shifter is much smoother then the RSX. However the shifter felt very light and hard to be able to locate the correct gears during spirited driving. Therefore we are currently looking for local 06+ Civic SI vehicles for more testing and reviews. We have a vehicle already tested with the prototype sports shift springs but looking for more vehicles to review our great products.

Please reach me at the contact page and we will work out something.

As of this point we are only looking for locals in the Los Angeles, CA.

Mainly in the San Gabriel Valley.


Help you by helping us!

What we mean by this is that if you see any improvements that could be made to the site, DIY instructions, and etc.  Please let us know!  We want to make sure we make every enthusiast happy!

PS  Please help us by posting reviews on what you have installed.  Let other people know what great products we have!

PPS We are working on a chance to order a Race/Street Spring kit and get it for free!!! domain list expired domains Croatian dictionary .

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