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Shifter Springs now available for Scion FRS / Subaru-BRZ / Toyota GT-86

Our shifter springs are now available for the Scion FRS / Subaru-BRZ / Toyota GT-86!  Go to our Online Store and orders yours now!


Shifter Springs now available for Scion/Toyota with 2AZ-FE

Go to our store and get the newest and revolutionary products for your Toyota or Scion!  It’s the first of it’s kind and will be the mod of all mods!


Fitment as shown below but all must be Manual Tranmission only!

Corolla     2010.12-     4cyl 2.4L     MTM     XRS
Corolla     2008.01-2010.12     4cyl 2.4L     MTM     XRS
Matrix     2010.12-     4cyl 2.4L     MTM
Matrix     2008.01-2010.12     4cyl 2.4L     MTM
Scion xB     2010.03-     4cyl 2.4L     MTM         HB
Scion xB     2007.03-2010.03     4cyl 2.4L     MTM         HB
SOLARA     2006.05-2008.08     4cyl 2.4L         SE     CP
SOLARA     2006.01-2006.05     4cyl 2.4L         SE     CP
Camry     2006.02-2009.02     4cyl 2.4L     MTM     SE
Camry     2006.02-2009.02     4cyl 2.4L     MTM     LE
Camry     2006.01-     4cyl 2.4L     MTM     SE
Camry     2006.01-     4cyl 2.4L     MTM     LE
Scion tC     2005.09-     4cyl 2.4L         G     LB


Install instructions will be provided shortly.

MTEC Industries at Chuckwalla 9/18/11

Here is Eric running just the Race spring and Pivot ball. He had one of the top times at Chuckwalla and was very good but the mild setup he had. Definitely has some driver skills in him.  Just wanted to say thanks for those who were running our shifter springs out there. Currently working on a new project.  This one will be revolutionary to the Dc5/RSX shifter users. For now watch the link and see how great Eric’s driving are!

Here is what he had to say about it “I honestly am really glad to have gotten these springs. its seriously amazing on the track. i love it!”

MTEC Industries shift kits are now available!!!

MTEC Industries shift kits now available!!!  There are only 20 sets available!  You can get them with a Race/Sport Spring or just by itself. Click here and order your set now!

The DIY install will be available soon.

MTEC Shift kit upgrade is coming to a shifter new you!

Great news for all you Hybrid and RSX guys driving with a K series engine.  We have created an upgraded shift kit that will be release next week.  What this does is replace some factory parts that wear out or just can’t stand up to the abuse.  Precision with function! Have a great weekend all!

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We are offering free shipping to all in the USA! Just add to cart and it automatically will appear!

All we ask if for you to do one small thing and post how you love our products!


PS A new shifter for the RSX release will be soon!

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It's all about the Reviews!

For all your shoppers that aren’t sure if our shift springs will work for you,  I’ve provided links of reviews for our products!  Take a look for yourselves!

8thCivic Reviews

ClubRSX reviews

Starting today we will be offering 15% off your order!

Starting today we will be offering 15% off your order!  Get a rare chance to save money for other mods or just extra cash to grab so grub on us!  Let your friends know if they been thinking about our products!  Deal ends on 2/13/11.  Coupon code is SAVE15.  Thank you for all you supporters

Don’t let this be you or your friends!

(This video was just used as humor.  So please just enjoy and happy shifting!)

Looking for 06+ Civic SI testers

Initially during testing the 06+ Civic SI shifter is much smoother then the RSX. However the shifter felt very light and hard to be able to locate the correct gears during spirited driving. Therefore we are currently looking for local 06+ Civic SI vehicles for more testing and reviews. We have a vehicle already tested with the prototype sports shift springs but looking for more vehicles to review our great products.

Please reach me at the contact page and we will work out something.

As of this point we are only looking for locals in the Los Angeles, CA.

Mainly in the San Gabriel Valley.


Help you by helping us!

What we mean by this is that if you see any improvements that could be made to the site, DIY instructions, and etc.  Please let us know!  We want to make sure we make every enthusiast happy!

PS  Please help us by posting reviews on what you have installed.  Let other people know what great products we have!

PPS We are working on a chance to order a Race/Street Spring kit and get it for free!!! domain list expired domains Croatian dictionary .

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