Put car in neutral

Remove intake

Locate the top 10 mm bolt and remove it.

Remove the 12 mm bolt next to the 10 mm bolt that was just removed

Remove the pin that holds the shifter cable and washer. Disconnect the shifter cable and washer.

Remove the 4 10 mm bolts that hold the complete shifter assembly in. (There is hondabond around the whole thing so you will need to pry it open)


Next use a 4 mm pin punch and hammer the spring pin out.

Remove the arm and carefully hold down the spring as it will be stuck on the arm. It might snap back at you if taken out wrong.

Remove the 2nd spring on the bottom

Install the new MTEC spring in reverse order. Starting with the one pictured

Now install the 2nd spring. This spring needs to crossover and have tension so look at the picture for details on reinstallation.

Reinstall the arm and using the pin punch install the spring pin back into place.

Next make sure both guide pins are there and install back onto car with the 4 10 mm bolts first.

The 12 mm bolt will be next to install on the car.

Reinstall the 10 mm bolt on top and reinstall the shifter cable.

Lastly reinstall the intake.

Test shifter to make sure the car goes in gear and enjoy!