I would like to thank the participants for this special group buy.  There is no particular order but thank you to Danylo Loki, Jordan Osborn, Tyler Anderson, Michael Fergusson, Arturo Marchante, and Ben Hway!


1. Remove stock EP3 Shifter from Vehicle.
2. Remove press on locking nut with screwdriver or grinder
3. Remove factory pin, shifter arm, and disassemble shifter
4. Install guide pins into one side of the shifter ball assembly
5. File shifter at welds to install new shifter ball assembly

6. Check and make sure fitment in tight and lined up

7. Once lined up reinstall the bracket that holds the shifter in and the spherical ball halves.

8. Lubricate the ball halves with supplied grease

9. Add a little bit of grease to base of shifter where the shifter ball will sit.

10. Install shifter back into shifter base and use new pin to hold down the shifter base bracket

11. Remove old spring from shift arm and install onto new shift arm.
(Not Pictured as I couldn’t find the OEM Spring)

12. Lubricate pin where the shifter arm will be and install the it on to the pin.

13. Reinstall Shift Arm and use both supplied washer nuts to screw onto the pin and wrench a crescent wrench lock them up together.

14 Remove plastic cap from old shifter and install them into the new shifter.
15. Reinstall the shifter back into vehicle.
16.  Check all gears and take for a test drive.