Tools needed: Needle nose pliers, screwdriver, hammer, and screwdriver.

Remove the shifter from vehicle.

Using a need nose pliers squeeze the plastic retainer to release the pin. Pull the pin slightly out.

Using a screwdriver move spring to side to unlock arm from shifter. (Use picture 3 as reference)

Slide arm forward and remove arm from shifter.

Clean off all grease and remove pivot ball by looking behind the shifter arm and moving the OEM pivot ball horizontal and push pivot ball from behind.

Clean the inside in the shifter arm where the pivot ball sits.

Insert the MTEC Industries Pivot ball and rotate it horizontal so you can see the circular hole.

Next step is to use a hammer and screwdriver break the plastic retainer clip located in the center of the shift box. as in picture 9 and 10.  It is much easier to break the bracket at both top and bottom for quick removal. [Note: Be careful when breaking the retainer to not damage the lower plastic piece.

After breaking the retainer on both sides look at the bottom of the retainer and place the screwdriver between the shiftbox and retainer.  Use a hammer and with a few soft hits you should be able to remove and disasemble the shift lever.

Pull apart the plastic spherical ball

Retrieve new supplied aluminum retainer and spherical ball halves to complete installation of MTEC Shift Kit shown in picture 14.

Place 2 dowel pins on the opposite ends on one of the spherical halves.


Reassemble the shifter kit by placing the alumium retainer, then plastic spherical ball holder and then combine the aluminum spherical halves together as shown in picture 16 [Note: When reasembling please note the orientation of the retainer!  The 45 degree angle cut grooves on the aluminum retainer go on the bottom.]

With supplied grease apply a good amount onto spherical ball.  Use your finger to make sure the grease is equally distributed around the ball.

Reinsert the shift lever into the shift box while making sure the notch on the plastic spherical holder is facing on the side where the shift arm is.

Once the plastic spherical holder in measure that the notch is in the correct side.  Once the new retainer is in it cannot be removed without destroying the shift box!  Place the new aluminum retainer and an angle shower in picture 21.  Use a screwdriver or punch and hammer to lock in new aluminum retainer as shown in picture 22



Using the pivot ball hole reinstall it onto the shifter arm as see in picture 23. (Make sure that spring is still sitting on the side.)

Move arm back into original location and slide spring back to original position.

Reinsert pin on the side to lock in shifter arm and make sure the flat part or the pin is at the bottom.

Press pin all the way in to make sure it is locked in.

Reinstall back onto vehicle and enjoy!