Tools required – Crescent wrench that is able to open up to 27 mm or 1 1/16

1.  Lift Vehicle up and put Jack stands underneath vehicle.  If you don’t know where the jack points on the vehicle please refer to the owner’s manual.

2.  Put vehicle in first gear.

3.  First we will be doing the left side spring which is located where the arrow is in the pictures below.

4.  Remove the nut by turning counter clockwise with the crescent wrench.  Once done remove the spring and replace with matching MTEC shifter spring and re-tighten with existing bolt to 18 lbs of torque.

5.  Now place the car into reverse

6.  Remove right side spring by locating the same bolt but on the right side of the transmission.  Using the crescent wrench and remove the bolt by turning counter clockwise and then replace old shift spring with new matching upgraded MTEC shift spring. (pictures below)

7.  Replace back bolt and tighten to 18 lbs of torque.

8.  Once done.  move shifter into gears and verify that the shifter is working correctly.  Lower down car and take for a test drive.