Wipe clean of any grease around the area.

Remove C Clip.

Once pin is removed place the screw driver in the same location. While pressing down with the screw driver Press the clutch pedal at the same time to remove the rod assembly and spring from the pedal assembly.

With the new MTEC clutch spring use 2 supplied zip ties to compress the spring from easy install. Start with one side and press down with the palm of your hand and then pull the zip tie as tight as possible.

Next repeat step 5 to have both sides of the spring compressed.

If you have some silicone grease you can apply some to the rod assembly.

Reinstall the rod assembly and new clutch spring onto the other side of the rod subassembly.


Press the clutch pedal in and guide the rod assembly back into the original position.

Wedge the screwdriver between the rod assembly and clutch pedal assembly to reinstall pin.

Reinstall C Clip

Pull the zip tie to gain access and cut both of them.

Test the clutch pedal and make sure it is operating correctly.

Take it for a test drive and enjoy.