Tools Used

3/8 Ratchet

3/8 Extention

Various Pin Punches

10 mm Socket

12 mm Socket


Pulley tool

1.  Remove shifter cable pins and washers from shift lever

2.  Lift off shifter cables from shifter lever.

3.  Use a 24mm socket to remove Ball assembly socket.

4.  Remove all 4 12 mm bolts that hold shifter lever in

5.  Once removed there will be a plastic bushing that will look like a square.  Please notice this when reinstalling

6.  Remove 10 mm bolt that hold shift lever weight in (Note orientation for reinstallation)

7.  Punch both spring pins out

8.  From the shorter side of the shaft. Use a pulley kit and clamp on to the spring coupler

9.  You will see the c clip holding the coupler in. It will need to be removed  Use a curve plier and hammer from the top to get the C clip out.  You can also use a retaining ring pliers. However I found this much faster.

10.  Use a small punch to hold the collar to give yourself room to remove the other clip.  Using the same method to remove the C clip.

12.  Reinstall both springs in reverse order.

13.  Once shift springs are in, install both spring pins to the shaft.

14.  Reinstall shift lever weight with 10 mm bolt

15.  Place back the shifter assembly back into transmission and remember to connect the other lever the controls gear engagement.

16.  Install the 4 12 mm bolts and tighten to spec.

17.  Reinstall the shifter cables and washers with shifter cable pins.

18.  Test the shifter mechanism by going into vehicle and shifting into all gears while pressing on the clutch first

Once done take it on the street for a test drive and enjoy.