What is the purpose of the shifter springs?

MTEC Shifter springs are designed to improve feel and confidence of the driver by strengthening one of the most vital parts of an automobile.  Essentially it gives you a better connection to what gears you are looking for or are in.

Which applications do the shifter springs fit?

From our research any Honda K20a/z or K24 manual transmission should work.  It doesn’t matter if it is a 5 or 6 speed transmission.  Hybrid vehicles with K20/K24 swaps can use this to their benefit as well!  If you have a vehicle that you are unsure about please email us and we will research it for compatibility.

How hard is the shifter springs to install?

Installation should be done by a professional if you are not confident in your mechanical ability.  You can see the DIY instructions here.

What are the differences between the sports and race springs?

While developing this product there were 2 versions that were produced.  The sport spring was designed for the everyday spirited driver. Our race spring is created for our weekend auto-crossers or drag racers.  This does not mean that they can’t coexist with each other.  We have tested the race version for daily driver applications.  They both work well on the street!  The main difference is that the stiffness is on the race is much greater than the sport and that may not suit your average driver.

Will this work with short shifters?

Yes! Currently we have tested with short shifters and solid base bushings.  They have performed very well with instilling confidence in shifting.

The shifter feels too firm.

Please allow some time to get used to the difference.  Any modifications in any vehicle will always take some time  getting used to.  You can also choose the sports version because it’ll be significantly softer then the race version.

Where is this product made?

Our products are manufactured in the USA!